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Phoenix Friend

Phoenix Friend

Personalized Care : Through (Phoenix-Friend)

Phoenix IIT Academy is the first coaching institute in India to bring the three pillars (Parents, Teacher and Student) of a child’s success foundation under one forum. The idea of “Phoenix Friend” was revolutionized by Phoenix IIT Academy when there was a consistent need of personal care (academic as well as non-academic) for the student throughout the preparation of the most prestigious exam of IIT-JEE.

We designate a faculty member for every 30-35 students who will mentor them as their “PHOENIX FRIEND” through the course of preparation. Personal attention to every student comes as the unique PHOENIX advantage. Phoenix friend will work to bridge the gap between the teachers, parents and students by catering to each and every need of the student academically and non-academically.

The "Phoenix Friend Team" works with following objectives:

Academic Support 

  • Hold “Parents-Teacher” meeting on bi-monthly basis to evaluate and monitor the performance of student’s performance on individual basis. Instead of a mere formality, these meetings are 30-45 minutes long interaction between the Phoenix Friend and the parents where the strengths and weakness of student in each and every subject are discussed in detail.
  • Regular Class visit and taking feed back from the students about academic and non Academic Side.
  • Arranging extra classes as per the need of individual student, for each and every subject.
  • Providing personal / motivational / academic support to each and every student.
  • Monitoring attendance, exam performance and classroom performance of each student and informing the parents through frequent calls, SMS, meetings.
  • Catering the student as a close friend for non-academic / personal problems.

Non Academic Support

Right from the moment when student takes admission in Phoenix IIT Academy, the PHOENIX FRIEND guides him throughout the course of preparation. To list a few, Phoenix Friend interacts with the students regularly regarding:

  • How to participate in class room discussion.
  • The JEE-way of studying and method of preparing for IITs.
  • How to maintain the notes, study materials and solutions.
  • How to maintain the balance in all three subjects.
  • How to perform better in each upcoming test.
  • School admission and How to prepare for board exams.
  • How to maintain one’s daily time table.
  • Which competition exams to take, how to fill up the forms of AIEEE, IIT and other competitive exams.
  • How to fill counseling application and which college and stream to apply for.
  • Recreational activities (for out of station students).
  • Other non-academic discussion which indirectly and directly affect the student’s preparation.