Master Stroke
Master Stroke

Master Stroke

Bringing You Together With Toppers


  • This innovation is intended to boost the student’s chances and rank in JEE-Advance. We keep our top 40 students together in a hostel governed by us for 2 long months. The accommodation is managed to be very calm, clean, hygienic and STUDY ORIENTED. Each and every student is given personal support, doubt timings and individual attention in the hostel itself.


  • This topper set of students automatically discusses amongst themselves 24 × 7 and dedicated faculty set are made available at the hostel for 6-7 hours per day. We also invite some current IITians from IIT Delhi (studying in 1st and 2nd year) to stay with the students. The motivation and discussion level in such a group can only be imagined.


  • Best study material from all over India and from foreign authors is made available in the hostel and students are instructed to solve them as much as possible.


  • Weekly motivational activities, group discussions and extempore are organized to keep them motivated and spontaneous in general.


  • Special Yoga sessions with "ART OF LIVING ORGANISATION" are planned for one week on every alternate day for about 1 hour. This helps in reducing the pressure immensely, motivate the students to rise early in the morning and keep the students fresh for the whole day.


  • The curriculum is scientifically designed covering the highest scoring topics in the early stage and stepping towards the difficult topics which make the difference in JEE rank.


  • Apart from the exhaustive full syllabus test series, students also participate in two ALL INDIA OPEN TESTS at a center away from BIKANER (in Kota or Jaipur), to get a feel of immense pressure on the D-Day.