Course For Class 8th
Course For Class 8th

FAITH OF PHOENIX: “Five Years Foundation Course for Class VIII”

(For Class 7th to 8th Moving Students)


This course is designed to develop (1) Mathematical aptitude, (2) Scientific temperament, (3) Logical thinking, (4) Reasoning skills & (5) Problem solving skills of the students and prepare them for future competitive examinations while they are studying in the school to take early lead in competitive scenario. This course focuses on developing student's Intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ) & competitive quotient (CQ) at the early stage of learning so that each young student achieves success in school/board examination as well as in various competitive examinations to ensure a grand successful career.

Along with the preparation of School and Board Exams, students will be trained for various competitive exams like INTERNATIONAL MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD, NATIONAL SCIENCE OLYMPIAD, NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION, INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIAD OF MATHEMATICS, INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIAD OF SCIENCE etc. In the very first year, Phoenix IIT Academy gave 11 selections in International Mathematics Olympiad and 5 selections in National Science Olympiad from Class IX and X. These results reflect our objective of building strong foundation by continuous and comprehensive training at the pre-nurture state which leads to excellent performance of students in higher level competition exams.

On high demand of parents, Phoenix IIT Academy is starting "Faith of Phoenix" batch from this session to give the competitive advantage to students of class VIII also.

FAITH OF PHOENIX (For Class 7th to 8th moving students)


IIT-JEE 2020

Admission Mode

Direct Admission


Students studying in CBSE / ICSE / State Board (English Medium) affiliated schools

Course Duration

60 months

Medium of Classes

English / Hindi

Syllabus Covered

Science / Maths / English and Social Studies as per CBSE Syllabus and Mental Ability for students targeting different national,international & state level competitions.

Fully dedicated foundation course for IIT-JEE is continued during last 2 years.

Commencement Date

Last week of March

Course Concept:

Early start for IIT-JEE preparation provides edge. The two-Year syllabus of IIT-JEE is split over five-years for better conceptual clarity & fundamental building. Exhaustive syllabus coverage for IIT-JEE due to more availability of time compared to traditional two year/one year courses.

Course Structure:

  • Regular Classroom Coaching
  • 90 minutes lecture which is further divided into DPP discussion of 15 min, Sheet Discussion of next 30 minutes & theoretical and conceptual learning of last 45 minutes
  • 2 lectures per subject per week during first three years and 3 lectures per subject per week for next two years
  • Periodic Test is conducted in the form of Part Test & Cumulative Test.

Distinctive Features:

  • Longest time availability as compared to other Courses.
  • Lays solid foundation of basic concepts of all the subjects
  • The focus of the Course is more on concept building & gradual improvement in the performance of the students.
  • Develops quick analytical thinking & systematic problem solving skills
  • Good practice of JEE problems which ensure the clarity of every small doubt.

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