Course For Class 12th
Course For Class 12th

Course for Class 12th


For class 11th to 12th moving students

The course for JEE-Advance is exclusively for the students of "Rise of Phoenix" course who have taken rigorous training for IIT-JEE in last one year. Under extremely special circumstances, students from outside are admitted to this course.

A distinct feature of this course is the "DREAM of PHOENIX" batch. Every year since its inception, all students of dream batch have been selected in IITs. It's a pride and privilege to be a part of this batch.

New admissions are open for "JEE-Mains" batch. It is a one-year foundation course, whose target is to score high marks in JEE-Mains and in XII board exams, thus securing a good rank for getting admission into NITs.

FLIGHT OF PHOENIX ("One year course")
Target IIT-JEE 2016
Eligibility For class 12th appeared students
Course Duration 12 months
Medium of Classes English / Hindi
Syllabus Covered Complete IIT-JEE-Mains syllabus of Maths, Physics and Chemistry
Commencement Date Last week of March
Admission Process Direct admission

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